My Barbaric Yawp

workEverything began when I was looking for a blog concept (as I said) and came across the phrase “hammer and tongs.” I thought it’d be a good one, considering my persistent novicehood (sic) in technology in general. I end up having to constantly start over and over when it comes to learning, studying or grinding anything that has to do with the computer. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just bottomline e-dumb. (I also suffer from a form of cyber-belatednes syndrome. Sic to that, too.)

Anyway. From what I read, ‘hammer & tongs’ meant something like, to work really hard on something with physical effort, and I thought it seemed spot on with what I had in mind. Until I saw an entry about it in the Urban Dictionary. If you’re familiar with this repository, you surely know what I mean when I say the phrase is also used to mean something taboo in nature. Icks. Since I want to stick to a GP rating, I’ll skip that.

However, I still wanted the concept of manual labor. So when I chanced upon a German word, “der Maurer,” which meant mason or brick layer, I thought, hey, that’s safer (whew). I should add as well that my blog has nothing to do with masonry a.k.a. that strange society. Or that javascript grid thing, which I discovered from Google, err.

I’ve always wanted to create a blog strictly related to IT and tech, and so, yey to me now that I have. My basic purpose, actually, is to document my daily life as a blue collar e-mason. Oh, the struggle of gurgling at the bottom of the cyberfood chain, being (mal)treated as an e-amoeba spitball, and oh, the challenge of how I could rise up from that virtual cesspool, to a place of some decent (and hard) flooring, at least.

So, um, please join me as I take my trowel (and towel) and lay the foundation of my study, brick by excruciating brick (weep).


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