Technical Notes

Biometrics. ___.

I can be called Flowmarch.
It actually contains the first letters of my full name. Really full name, I tell ye. From my mother’s to my current’s. Can’t get any fuller than that.


Profuse Acknowledgements.___.

Technically, if one has not gone to formal school, you’d say one is self-taught. In my case, though, I rather say that I am community-educated. Any of the modern developing skills I acquired has been the product of such generous groups of individuals and collectives who “gave back” by making information and educational materials available online for free to those like me.

So this is a huge shoutout to The Odin Project.

I had forgotten exactly how I stumbled upon them but I thank the linkflow that led me to them. Sometime ago, I tried a few coding schools but for some reason, I personally didn’t feel as “full,” so to speak. However, this site, I think, addresses precisely the need of someone enthusiastic to learn who’s not a total beginner but doesn’t know where to go exactly, on the way to being at least a competent enough coder. It also helped me choose and focus on which aspect of web development I was more interested or inclined in. Here’s looking forward to learning.


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